Shackleton Box Set
Shackleton Box Set
Shackleton Box Set

Shackleton Box Set

PRE-SALE - This Box set will ship early next year.

The Shackleton Series is a 6-episode puzzle game that blends escape rooms and board games with historical fiction. The storyline follows the true account of how 28 men got trapped in Antarctica...for 2 years.

This is a separate story from the 12-episode Family Secrets Series.

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With each episode, you will be sent:

- An envelope

- a wide variety of interactive assets filled with puzzles and clues

- An episode guide

- Links to hints & episode soundtrack

Then it's up to you to follow the clues and solve the mystery!

1) Carefully open the envelope and examine the items. Everything you need to get started is inside!

2) Solve the escape-room style puzzles, find clues and crack codes.

3) If you get stuck on this self-guided adventure, you can access hints (if you need them) at the online portal.

4) Repeat and play the next episodes in the season.

You'll love your Escape Mail product or your money back. We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund less shipping. For full details on policies please visit our Refunds Page.

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Prepare for an adventure

where history comes alive, and the thrill of discovery awaits.

This set contains all 6 envelopes, the full story, start to finish.

Each envelope contains a perfect variety of thoughtfully-designed puzzles suitable for the whole family (ages 12+). With an intuitive balance of paper and digital puzzles, each episode should take your party 1-2 hours to solve.


to enjoy this game



Gather Friends: Although this game can be played solo, puzzle games are better in teams for a variety of perspectives.

Get Pencil & Paper:
Take notes!

Get a Connected Device: Although internet access is not required to solve the puzzles it is required to get hints, soundtrack and videos.

step 2


Game Overview: All the info needed to get started is inside each episode's envelope.

Optional Flow Card: Choose your difficulty level by using the Flow Card or not.

A video from Cousin JJ: Sets the stage for this leg of the adventure.

step 3


Journal Pages: Whether you choose to skip to the puzzle pages or soak up the full narrative, we recommend starting with the Journal Pages.

Other Contents: Find clues on any maps, schematics, illustrations, and artifacts necessary.

Companion App: Check answers and access tiered hints for every step along the way through the companion app.

step 4


FInd Solution Words: There are 5-7 core puzzles in each episode which all yield a single word.

Solve the Meta Puzzle: Use all 5-7 solution words to complete the episode's meta puzzle, which yields a coherent phrase to conclude that leg of the adventure.

Keep Your Solutions: At the end of Episode 6, you'll use all 6 phrases from throughout the series to complete a bonus finale puzzle.

step 5


Refill Kit: There are 1-3 items in each episode that require you to mark up during the solving process. Replace the used components so you can pass the game on to a friend to enjoy.

Continue the Adventure: Play episodes 2-6 to discover how Shackleton and his crew survived!



You can use Escape Mail almost anywhere as an exciting, unexpected and engaging activity for families, friends or couples.

Escape Mail is a family friendly adventure (all content is PG). The difficulty of Escape Mail is suitable for anyone 10 years or older, but playing with an adult is recommended for anyone under the age of 14.

We've included a flow card. Unless you have solved many escape room games before, or you're a sucker for punishment, we recommend starting with the Flow difficulty.

There is access to tiered hints online. Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, you can always access multiple hints (and the solution) with every puzzle along the way.

Everything you need to solve the puzzle is included in your envelope, with the exception of a pencil and an internet-connected device. Some episodes will also require scissors and tape.

Escape Mail games are different. There's no doubt about it. Just ask Nicholas L who said, "I’m not someone who normally would have chosen an escape room style game; but it has been so much fun trying something new with my wife." What do people love about Escape Mail?

A Running Storyline: You can lose yourself in the mystery over 12 months as each episode connects to the one before it, including plots twists, clever connections, and Easter eggs!.

Variety of Puzzles: When you play Escape Mail you realize no two episodes are alike. Every theme is different and every puzzle we approach from a new angle to keep it fresh for you.

Quality Elements: Our games are immersive, tactile & durable. We even include multimedia such as websites, apps and Augmented Reality.

Challenging & Satisfying: By the end of an Escape Mail episode, you have a real sense of achievement and accomplishment.


"There is so much in here! Everything is so well done and high-quality, it is gorgeous."


"We had so much fun playing this game. It was perfect for a small group because we could all be working on different things at the same time. I am itching to play Episode 2."


"Please check it out! This is my favourite company that does Escape Room type games."


"Wow. They do an amazing job of getting so much in these envelopes! This has been the best thing I've seen from Escape Mail so far."


"I have some experience with Escape Mail and let me tell you I love this new series... not only do you get to learn a little bit along the way but your IN IT. You're in the story."




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