The Ninja Scroll

Solve a Legendary Ninja Mystery

Unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and join the ranks of ninja warriors to stop a rebel faction from spreading chaos across the land.


"When I saw Shinobi, I couldn't resist knowing the high quality and challenge of the other Escape Mail games. Shinobi definitely did not disappoint!"

Phi Manh Ha

"We spent two evenings solving the game. Best part - able to share it with others so they can solve it too!"

Karen Hakansson

"My husband and I had a great night solving this one. The scroll and interactive clues were great quality and I like that I can share it with a friend other family members. Keep them coming!"

Charlene Mitchell

"Shinobi was a real challenge and we really enjoyed it. I also appreciate being able to share it with friends instead of having to destroy it to finish. Looking forward to your next game."

Patrick Allen Hayes
United States

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Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

We had a delightful day playing Shinobi! It was easy to play with a group of 6. The puzzles were a good level of challenging but also varied and interesting.

Shelly Balbar
interact with

real objects

Discover the joy of tangible puzzle solving with over 20 objects in each pack, including a large, beautiful scroll.

Climb the

Ninja Ranks

Complete 9 challenging puzzles as you ascend the hierarchy of the legendary Ninja, culminating in a grand meta puzzle over a 2-3 hour adventure.


Beautiful Artwork

We've worked with an extremely talented artist to make this game as unique and pleasing to the eye as possible. Its so beautiful you might want to hang it on your wall.

Shinobi: The Ninja Scroll

Fully replayable

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Shinobi: The Ninja Scroll includes a digital portal with several features: race the timer, enter answers online, track your progress, access tiered hints and more.

Shinobi: The Ninja Scroll
become a

Legendary Ninja

begin a journey



"Wow! Even better than Season 1 Escape Mail

The quality of Shinobi is outstanding. This is definitely a game we will be able to pass onto friends, which I so appreciate."

- Marie SM.


With each copy, you will be sent:

- Mailer Tube

- A Scroll

- Paper shuriken parts

- Paper grappling hooks

- A storage bag

- 3 Answer sheets

- Mysterious key

- Links to an online portal to track your progress and a playlist

Then it's up to you to follow the clues and solve the mystery!

1) Open the tube and examine the items. Everything you need to get started is inside!

2) Find the QR code to the online portal and watch the video

3) Solve the puzzle! If you get stuck the hints are right in the portal

4) Share the experience with a friend, it is fully replayable!

Yes! We have carefully crafted tiered hints inside the portal, starting from a nudge all the way to a detailed solution for each puzzle. They can all be accessed through the accompanied web app.

We have a few shipping options for every destination. When reaching checkout you will be prompted to select your preferred shipping method. We ship next day and we ship worldwide!

No. This is a standalone game, and it has it's own independent story, unrelated to our other games.

Behind the scenes

Paul Harvey and Eric Reynolds are brothers-in-law and have been making escape room games for over 7 years through the company Mobile Escape.

Since March of 2020, Escape Mail continues to surprise and delight people, gaining momentum and popularity.

By purchasing, you help Escape Mail continue delivering brilliant and beautiful games worldwide, with the same mission as the day they started: to #awakenwonder. 


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