Teach them critical thinking with


Puzzles and Problem Solving for Older Youth.

Transform your homeschool curriculum with our Family Secrets series, an engaging escape room experience in an envelope. Integrate fun and education seamlessly as your kids develop essential skills through interactive play.

Here is why you'll love Escape mail:

It's very

easy to start

You receive a mysterious letter from your long lost cousin JJ, Your kids simply open the envelope, scan the QR code and get started on an adventure lasting an hour and a half per episode.

Challange them to

Build resiliency

The answers aren't "handed" to them. They must use their minds and solve each puzzle to advance in the story.

play together, get a

stronger bond

Build a stronger relationship with your children by solving puzzles together.

worry not it's

kid friendly

Our games are good for all ages and include only PG content.

not just an envelope

a multimedia experiece

Over the course of the 12 episodes you communicate back-and-forth with cousin JJ and he sends you photos, videos, and even different websites. You will use all this information in order to solve the puzzles in each envelope.

and more...

ample supports

Access tiered hints, clues and answers for every puzzle along the way, so no one is ever stuck for long.


This experience encourages lateral thinking and is different from anything else you've tried before.

story driven

Engage a continuing narrative that spans across all 12 episodes to see characters develop and watch the plot unfold.

have it delivered to

your home

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Escape Mail is a unique, interactive escape room experience delivered right to your home. It features a 12-episode adventure series designed for 1-4 players aged 10 and up. Each episode takes 1-2 hours to complete and follows a continuous storyline about uncovering hidden family treasures with the help of your long-lost cousin JJ. Through mysterious letters, photos, videos, and website clues, players solve puzzles that promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. It's a perfect educational tool for homeschooling families, combining fun and learning seamlessly.

1) Open an envelope and examine the items. Aside from a bit of tape and some scissors, everything you need to get started is inside!

2) Scan the QR code to receive a bit more guidance on how to begin the adventure.

3) Solve the puzzle! If you get stuck the hints are right in the portal.

4) Continue to the next episode, until you reach the grand finale at episode 12.

Yes! We have carefully crafted tiered hints inside the portal, starting from a nudge all the way to a detailed solution for each puzzle. They can all be accessed through the accompanied web app.

We have a few shipping options for every destination, including a free shipping option for anywhere in Canada and the United States. When reaching checkout you will be prompted to select your preferred shipping method. All orders are shipped on the following business day and we ship worldwide!

No. Every episode has its own objective and conclusion (although some episodes have some pretty good cliffhangers), so even a single episode is a great experience, but larger bigger storyline of tracking down you'r family's hidden treasure spans across the full 12 episodes. If you start with just Episode 1 and want to know what happens next, you can continue the adventure starting from Episode 2 with a subscription or 2-12 bundle.

We suggest this game for ages 10+ but you can go younger if you are solving together. All the content is family-friendly and PG. There is no foul language, romance, or drug/alcohol references.

We suggest anywhere from 1-4 players.

  • Playing solo: While it is not required to play in a group, if your child is playing solo it can be very challenging, as we have designed the puzzles in each episode in a way that it requires a variety of ways of thinking, so being able to lean on other's perspectives is helpful.

  • Playing with more than 4 players: The puzzles in some episodes are quite linear (meaning one puzzle must be solved before the next) and other episode are more non linear (meaning you can have multiple people solving different puzzles simultaneously). You can certainly play with 5-6 players, but be aware that there will be times that it is difficult for everyone to be actively participating.

Most of the game happens right on your table top using the physical assets in your envelope.

There is an online portal which will help guide you through the story by watching the occasional video or chatting with JJ (the fictional cousin character sending you these envelopes)

The online portal is also where you will input your answers and get hints, so an online connected device is necessary to solve each game.

Once you know the answers and how to solve the puzzles it is difficult to be reused. Additionally, most episodes will require you to mark up or alter items in the process of solving, which can make it difficult to reuse. That being said, if you are thoughtful and careful with how you solve each puzzle and use scrap paper instead of marking on the pieces it is possible to preserve the puzzles to be passed on to someone else.

Behind the scenes

Paul Harvey and Eric Reynolds are brothers-in-law and have been making educational escape room games for over 7 years through the company Mobile Escape.

They began by creating escape rooms in 30-foot trailers with curriculum-link puzzles. They have had over 300,000 students through the escape rooms, and helped over 10,000 kids create their own escape rooms in classrooms across Alberta, Canada.

When covid hit and schools closed, they started creating Escape Mail - an escape room you can play from home. Since March of 2020, Escape Mail continues to surprise and delight people, gaining momentum and popularity around the world.

By purchasing, you help Escape Mail continue delivering brilliant and beautiful games worldwide, with the same mission as the day they started: to #awakenwonder. 


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